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Consolidated Flight List

This is a searchable spreadsheet of ALL of our hub routes.
Individual hub route's may be downloaded from the routes pages!
Be advised, there are errors including duplicate entries,
typos, distance variations ETC...
These errors are being worked on and the next version
will show the corrections.

With almost
5,000 routes, this may take awhile to complete. In the mean time
I suggest searching by ICAO as they have all been tested.
Do to many request - I decided to go ahead and post "as is".
Comments and route request as always are accepted. Fly Safe!
Edit by mod FRG007-
There are many mix up's on airport names but all ICAO codes have been validated!
I beg our members to report any errors or duplicate entries
KMSP is the 1st. edit for ver.2.0.2020


by Darren Elliott
please go and check the assignments and check for "mini controls" or "windowed view" of sorts and you might get the command of "W" or "Shift W", try both of those and if you don't plz let us know
by trpted
have both MSFS 98 and MSFS 2002 on my Wimdows 10 computer.

There are different threads here on different topics about getting those software apps working on Windows 10, but I was wondering if MSFS 2002 has (as maybe I missed it in the menus) or an addon could add Mini Controls to it.

In case you do not know what I mean by Mini Controls, I took a screen shot. The box in the far left hand corner of MSFS 98 is what I mean.

Please and thank you.



by Darren Elliott
is optimum your ip?? it masy be them
by devon
Looks like you're alone Jimmy. Sorry bro
by trpted
Unknown, it maybe about

What happens when you say Yes, I am?
by jimmy
 I get dis every time I come on, wat's it about and am I da only one?



by devon
Sounds like you need some new sims. has FSX and FS2004 for free. It is a piracy site, but there are no viruses, and it gives you the highest download speed your internet plan will allow. I use it all the time because I'm cheap and I don't wanna spend my money on games. The new Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is coming out some time this year, too. It will require you to have some pretty crazy specs, like 150 GB of HDD Space, and 8 GB RAM, but I think it's worth what ever they will charge you for it if you have the specs to run it. Now, if you don't want to get a new sim, here's my opinion.

I wouldn't go with X-plane because the version you have is extremely outdated, and I would say it's only worth X-Plane over MSFS if you have XP10 or XP11. I also wouldn't recommend Fly II, even though it is from the same year as FSX, because it is not a mainstream sim, and addons won't really have much support, and I can't guarantee the server will work either, if you want to fly on it. MSFS 98 is a cool sim, but it is waaaaayyyy too old. You can run it, but it is complicated and won't look very good on a modern PC. Addons, especially non-plane addons (e.g. GPS, other software, etc), are virtually extinct nowadays. This leaves us with just FS2002, which I would recommend if you don't have the specs to run FSX or the new FS2020 coming out. FS2002 is highly supported by my server software, and addons are getting rarer, but they are still quite common on the web. It will also run fairly well on a modern PC. Its built in GPS will also be just fine. If you have FS2004, I would recommend that over '02, but if that's all you got, I would definitely go with FS2002.
by trpted
If I posted this is the wrong area, please tell a mod/an admin so that it can moved to the right area.

I have a computer running Windows 10 and I have flight sims.

If I wanted to use a GPS with-in the flight sim, what one would you recommend:

#1 MS Flight Sim 2002 with built in GPS?

#2 MS Flight Sim 98 with a third party GPS program?

b) Because it is not built in, into 98 - Which third party GPS for this?

#3 Fly! II

#4 At last but not least, Xplane 5.52 or Xplane classic (same CD installer)

Not sure if Fly!II or my version Xplane I can get a GPS working or not, but I can with the MS ones.

and this list of flight sims that I have only talks about the General flight simulators and not military ones if any.

Please and thank you

by trpted

I guess I have to keep my own records, private until I join as a Froggie pilot. But I not saying that I will join as a Froggie pilot at this time.

Thank you.

End of thread. Lock
by jimmy
If you are not a registered Froggie pilot (ie FRG123) then you cannot pirep your flights on Froggie Air, end of story and hopefully the end of the endless, useless questions.

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Here is the current list of known repaint intent.
Have fun,and paint away!

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Airbus A320 iFDG Model by Vcol- Working - Jeff K.
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Camsim Airbus A350-900 Pax & Cargo - Click HERE for thread topic

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