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by devon
Good Job Everyone!  Keep it up with the flights! 

by devon

by Froggie
PIREP Reminder
When you file flights it is important to use decimal
format as shown on the PIREP page of our site!

The staff thanks you

Latest Site News

by ashleyw
Consolidated Flight List

This is a searchable spreadsheet of ALL of our hub routes.
Individual hub route's may be downloaded from the routes pages!
Be advised, there are errors including duplicate entries,
typos, distance variations ETC...
These errors are being worked on and the next version
will show the corrections.

With almost
5,000 routes, this may take awhile to complete. In the mean time
I suggest searching by ICAO as they have all been tested.
Do to many request - I decided to go ahead and post "as is".
Comments and route request as always are accepted. Fly Safe!
Edit by mod FRG007-
There are many mix up's on airport names but all ICAO codes have been validated!
I beg our members to report any errors or duplicate entries
KMSP is the 1st. edit for ver.2.0.2020


by devon
Bezos is one of the most hated men on earth at this point
by serge
To be honest, the guy is not very popular. At least the rocket tech seems different. i heard it will be reused for mars or moon exploration. Beside national agencies are giving up, except russia and china, with space exploration so i wish it encourages some other western agencies to get more involved .
by devon
I thought the launch was so cool. I just wish these zillionaires would do better stuff with their money, rather than launch to space. I have no problem with Branson going up, as he has been in the aviation industry for many years and is a pilot himself, but Bezos never had an interest in space and I wish he would do better stuff with the cash he has.
by serge
by devon
Found a site with all the payware FS2020 planes for free.  Got the PMDG DC-6 and the CaptainSim 777.  Both great birds to fly, especially the DC-6 as I had never flown one before, and I really love the old birds, they're just real hard to come by.
If you click on "open image in new tab," you can really see the awesome detail FS2020 offers.

by serge
The future Seaglider from Regent will be a kinda ekranoplan too but 100% electric
by Darren Elliott
Same here
by serge
amazing project, i wish it will come to reality. we had lot of amazing project aborted 129fs238648
by Darren Elliott
oh wow
by devon
United Airlines will buy 15 ultrafast airplanes from start-up Boom Supersonic

United Airlines announced today it will be purchasing 15 aircraft from the start up Boom Supersonic, and targets passenger flights by 2029.  Supersonic travel will return!

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Pending Repaint Progress

by Froggie
Here is the current list of known repaint intent.
Have fun,and paint away!

See Repaint Guidelines as Required!
Click HERE for our Main Fleet Pages
Contact Fleet Director FRG004-Troy W. for further information
When listing paint project's, please list the model designer



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Darren Elliott: hey thre guys Jul 17, 2021 17:01:42 GMT -5
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serge: good morning all image069-11 Jul 12, 2021 7:30:12 GMT -5
alex: frog eating bug late never mate! golf-club-smiley-emoticon Jul 8, 2021 18:02:11 GMT -5
devon: Roster is updated everyone! Apologies for being so late! Jul 8, 2021 11:49:19 GMT -5
Darren Elliott: yer right Jul 7, 2021 16:40:20 GMT -5
alex: Bananezorro not the end of the world DEVON mate! golf-club-smiley-emoticon Jul 4, 2021 6:04:54 GMT -5
Darren Elliott: only down to computer ,y dad uses, so cant acess it as much Jul 3, 2021 17:22:16 GMT -5
devon: I should be able to get roster updated within the next week. sorry for the long delay everyone Jul 3, 2021 17:16:39 GMT -5
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